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Your pet's home away from home.

Located in West Haven, Animal Care West Haven offers pet boarding for cats and dogs so you can enjoy peace of mind while you're away. Our veterinarian-supervised kennel team will look after your cat or dog and make sure they feel comfortable with us.

We know the importance of finding the perfect boarding facility. We are dedicated to making your pet's vacation as comfortable and satisfying as possible and we promise to take care of your furry friend as if they were our own.

Our Boarding Requirements

For the safety of all our pet guests, our Veterinarian Clinic requires up-to-date pet vaccinations including rabies, distemper/parvo, and bordetella (kennel cough). If your pet is not current on these vaccinations we ask that you have them administered by a veterinarian at least ten days before your pet's stay with us to ensure optimum immunity. These vaccinations can be easily scheduled through our vet clinic.

Dogs Cats Add-On


Our nightly boarding rate includes food (your pet's food or kennel provided), water, bedding, and potty breaks. You are welcome to bring in your pet's favorite toy or comfy blanket but please make sure any personal items are labeled properly and understand that we are not responsible for any items that may be misplaced, chewed, or soiled.

If two pets are staying with us they can stay together or separately, depending on the available space & size of the pets. Our kennel management team will also use its best judgment on whether your pets should stay together since some pets may be uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings that are near other pets. You can also arrange to take advantage of the grooming services in our animal hospital while your pet is staying with us.

Medications & Treatment

Our professional pet care team looks after the health and wellness of your pet. If your pet is on any type of medication our veterinary technicians will administer those medications at the proper time as directed. This service costs an additional $12.00 a day for treatment. If your pet should become ill during its stay with us, our kennel personnel will notify our veterinarian who can decide as to whether any type of medical treatment is required in our veterinary clinic.

Our kennel services are available 365 days a year, but we only have drop-off and pick-up availability during normal office hours. If you need boarding services for your pet, take advantage of the safe and comfortable surroundings in our animal hospital.

Fill Out Our Boarding Form

Please send us your pet's medical records at before their stay.

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Animal Care West Haven